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Keep in mind, if these annual checks are not taken seriously and you do not perform them, in time, you will experience issues with your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener that will require you to contact us here at Garage Doors Repairs & Installations to perform services that may have been avoided.

Take Advantage of our Garage Door & Opener tune up coupon below for $49.50. With a simple phone call, we can schedule one of our trained technicians to come out and perform the following tests and you can rest assure knowing that your door will no longer be a problem year after year.

  1. Perform UL 325 safety reverse test

  2. Inspect for proper operation
  3. ​Adjust the up and down force settings to the right force sensitivity
  4. Tighten chain/belt as needed
  5. Lubricate drive train and all sprockets
  6. Check all wiring and connections
  7. Set up and down limits as needed
  8. Check and adjust photo eyes alignment
  9. Inspect and lubricate springs
  10. Inspect all sections for cracks and splits
  11. Inspect door alignment
  12. Inspect and lubricate all rollers
  13. Inspect and tighten hinges, hardware, and all bearings
  14. Inspect cables for wear and damage
  15. Inspect locks for proper operation
  16. Inspect weather strip for wear and damage
  17. Inspect drums for splits and cracks
  18. Inspect bottom brackets for splits and cracks
  19. Inspect and check all fixings for tracks
  20. Inspect and check back hang angle for splits and cracks
  21. Inspect and check for correct opener bracket
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Preventative maintenance or tune-ups ensure proper equipment operation for years to come and avoids costly breakdowns and repairs.

Garage Doors Repairs & Installations performs hundreds of tune ups in the Dallas Ft worth areas, We recommend performing a thorough annual maintenance check and service of all your Garage Doors & Garage Openers which should include the following tests & maintenance.

Tune-ups & Preventative Maintenance On Garage Doors

Garage Doors Repairs & Installations
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