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  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Lifetime belt warranty
  • 3 year parts warranty
  • ​1 year labor warranty

Liftmaster 87504 Garage Door Opener Price $599 + tax includes the following

  • ​DC motor head unit
  • 7' rail (8' rail $50 extra)
  • Safety sensors
  • lm880 smart control wall console push button
  • 1 Liftmaster remote control
  • lm485 battery backup

880lm Smart Control Panel

  • ​Take complete control of your garage door opener with our smart control panel. It's intuitive menu driven panel lets you easily program remote controls, adjust settings, and even get system diagnostics
liftmaster wall switch


  • Alerts can be received as e-mail notifications on your mobile device letting you know if the garage door is opened or closed
  • MyQ mobile apps give you the ability to open or close your garage door from anywhere in the world


  • The DC motor belt drive system is powerful yet ultra quiet and maintenance free
  • When equipped with the battery backup. you are able to open and close your garage door when the power is out
  • Energy efficient operations consumes up to 75 % less power in standby mode


  • Security + 2.0 safeguards your household with every click a new code is sent to your garage door so that the garage door only opens for you
  • PosiLock locks down your garage door when it is in the down position
  • ​Timer to Close remembers to close you garage door when you forget

Here it is! Our company recommendation. This Liftmaster 87504 has everything and anything you will ever need in a garage door opener. From it's battery backup system, when the power goes out, to the MyQ technology when your away from home. This garage door opener will last you for years to come.

liftmaster belt drive opener

Liftmaster lm 87504 Battery Backup Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

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