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Garage Door Repair, garage door service, & garage door Installations in Forney Tx - Garage Doors Repairs & Installations Dallas Tx


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​When this happens, the door will have the appearance of broken garage door cables. The garage door will become inoperable and can not be lifted by the garage door opener or manually. It is recommended in the industry for any garage door over 12 ft in width or over 90 lbs in weight to be converted to two garage door springs. The reasoning behind this is safety. When you have two garage door springs and one breaks the cables are still tensioned by the second garage door spring. therefore, not coming loose from the drums and causing harm to anyone nearby. The garage door remains operable because the second garage door spring is still lifting, so in emergency situations it can be opened with help. At this point, it is recommended that you call us to rectify the problem. 

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At Garage Doors Repairs & Installations, we are here to meet your needs. As with most garage doors, they are not all the same, so we offer a FREE service call and a FREE estimate for all broken garage door springs. Our Qualified technicians will go through exactly what you need and the options you can choose from. Some builder model garage doors come with only one garage door spring. When the spring breaks it releases all the tension, off of the garage door. This can cause the cables to come loose off of the drums on both sides of the door making the garage door fall on whatever is underneath it.  

On occasion, you can up the cycle of the garage door springs to your desired specifications. They do this by making the desired spring longer and thicker in the steel's diameter. So, if for instance, you have a nice garage door and you don't want the hassle of ever having to worry about broken garage door springs again, then ask us about better life cycle springs.  

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Garage Door Springs are all different. All garage doors are not the same size and not the same weight. When the technician comes out to your home, he should weigh the door to find out how much the garage door weighs in the down position.  He can usually do this by placing a scale under the door and back winding the other good garage door spring  to get an accurate weight of the garage door. Once he has determined the weight of the garage door, we can then look at the correct garage door springs for the job. The question then becomes for you, do I just change the one of the broken garage door springs or do I change both garage door springs? 

Most garage door springs in the market today have what they call a 10,000 life cycle. This is what it would normally take for the garage door to go up and down 10,000 times before the garage door spring breaks. ​So generally, if you have one broken garage door spring then the second garage door spring is about to break too. We would recommend you change both garage door springs out while we have the whole system apart so in a few more weeks or months you wouldn't be having to pay for a second visit.  call us for Garage door broken springs, Garage door spring repair, we will provide great garage door service for your broken springs for all your garage door service broken springs in Forney Dallas Ft/worth

Broken Garage Door Springs can be the most annoying thing possible. We all know that walking into your garage and pressing the button should make the garage door go up and when nothing happens it may be because your broken garage door spring will not allow it to. Well, as you may not know, the garage door opener is not what picks the door up. The garage door springs are what lift the garage door and they work on a counter balance.

Garage Doors Repairs and Installations 

Garage Door Broken Springs & Garage door spring repair

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Garage Doors Repairs & Installations
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